Accreditation Requirements
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4 Steps to Accreditation

 PDCA Accreditation requires secure submittal of a company’s business information – financial data, safety management and training, relevant insurance policies, and licensing (where applicable) – as well as completion of a selection of Contractor College courses. Accreditation requirements are outlined on your Accreditation Dashboard. All referenced course work is available online in the Course Catalog, organized by subject. Use this tracking form for your records, and email Contractor College with all business documentation.

Companies will be given a 24-month period to complete the requirements for Accreditation, starting on the date of enrollment to the program. Companies that fail to complete the requirements within this time frame must start the process over if they wish to pursue Accreditation. This includes the submission of all business documentation and the completion of all education requirements. Upon completion of your Accreditation you will be invoiced a $199 administration fee. You will be notified of payment due by the status of your Accreditation dashboard.


1. Agree to the terms of Accreditation

PDCA Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics serves as the foundation for PDCA Accreditation. Every Accredited Contractor has agreed to adopt these guiding principles in all business activities. The contractor understands that failure to adhere to the Code of Ethics may result in suspension or revocation of Accreditation.

View PDCA's Code of Ethics

Administrative Fee

Upon completion of Accreditation courses and submission of your business documentation, you will be notified on your Accreditation dashboard and by email that you have completed your Accreditation submission. There is a $199 administration evaluation fee to complete and receive Accreditation.

In order to maintain Accreditation status, Accredited companies are re-evaluated every 2 years for completion of ongoing education and training. The renewal period begins upon completion of initial Accreditation. There is a $99 administrative evaluation fee for re-accreditation every 2 years.


2. Complete the education requirements

The required 18 credits of educational activity are listed below. Courses may be completed online, at the National PDCA convention, through PDCA’s approved local network of Councils, Chapters and Forums, and through other educational activities and course work.

Contractor College online courses are typically one (1) hour in length and may be accompanied by an exam which must be completed with a score of 70% or higher. Participants may retake tests up to three (3) times to achieve a passing score. Any employee of the company may complete courses toward these requirements. For assistance in creating additional employee accounts, please contact PDCA National.

8 Hours of Technical/Safety Credits

Complete 8 hours in any of the following subjects, located in the technical and risk management categories of the catalog.

·         Application Tools

·         Coating Technology

·         Color & Decorating

·         Environmental

·         Paint Types

·         PDCA Industry Standards

·         Safety

4 Basic Training Courses

Complete 4 credit hours of business courses in the "Basic Training" section of the Contractor College Course Catalog or approved Contractor College business training. 

6 Hours of Elective Credits

Complete 6 additional hours of course work from the Contractor College Course Catalog or approved Contractor College programs. Credits may also awarded for PDCA leadership contribution and industry involvement activities like the following:

  • Attendance at PDCA annual convention
  • Author of an article in APC Magazine or PDCA’s electronic newsletter
  • Contractor PEER group membership
  • Contribution on PDCA leadership committee (event planning, Council/Forum, Board Of Directors) 
  • Contributor of pro bono painting and decorating services
  • Other professional association membership
  • PDCA Forum membership
  • Presenter for a seminar or workshop on a painting and decorating industry topic
  • Winner of a PDCA Picture it Painted Professionally (PIPP) award or PDCA Safety Award


3. Upload Business Documentation

Companies seeking Accreditation must upload copies of the documents listed below to their Accreditation Dashboard. Documentation requirements serve to establish and verify legal and ethical operations.

All documents are placed in a review queue upon upload. You will be notified when a document has been accepted

Business Plan Documents

·         Mission Statement
Written Statement describing the purpose of the company.

·         5-year Business Plan
An outline of the future vision and goals of the company; identifying measures of success both in descriptive and financial terms.

Business Plan Overview Support Document

Sample Basic Business Plan

·         Sample Budget
Projected revenue and expenditures for the next 12 months.

·         Cash Flow Projection
Listing of the ebb and flow of expected generation and uses of cash based on the projected budget.

Business Operations Documents

·         Employer Identification Number
Tax number issued by the Internal Revenue Service.

·         State Tax Identification Number
Number issued by your state revenue or taxing authority.

·         Business License
If required or applicable in your local jurisdiction.

·         Contractor License
If required or applicable in your local jurisdiction.

·         EPA Registration
EPA’s Renovation, Repair and Painting Final Rule require that renovations conducted for compensation, must be performed by Certified Firms using Certified Renovators.  Renovation firms that wish to work in pre-1978 homes and child-occupied facilities must apply to EPA and pay a fee in order to become certified.

·         Proof of Insurance
Documentation of proof of insurance for general liability, workers’ compensation, automobile and bonding, if required.

·         Estimating Procedures
Short description of the procedures used to create project cost estimates.

·         Sample Contract
Agreement document between company and customer outlining scope of project, price and deadlines.

·         Safety Plan
Written plan detailing company safety policy and guidelines to be used by employees on all job sites. 

Safety Plan Program Headings Support Document

Safety Plan Program Heading Descriptions Support Document

Sample Safety Plan Manual

4. Accreditation Application Documents

·         Third Party References (2 required)
Letters of reference or recommendations from customers, suppliers and/or other industry related organizations or companies.

·         Administrative Evaluation

When coursework is complete and business documents are submitted, the Accreditation Dashboard is set to a pending status. PDCA National staff will review records before updating the status to complete. You will then be invoiced a $199 administration fee and notified both by your Accreditation Dashboard and an email from Contractor College.

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