Re-accreditation Requirements

In order to maintain Accreditation status, Accredited companies are re-evaluated every 2 years for completion of ongoing education and training.  The renewal period begins upon completion of initial Accreditation. Use this tracking form for your records, and email Contractor College with all business documentation.

3 Steps to Re-Accreditation

1.       Complete the education requirements

Companies must complete a total of 22 credits allocated to the areas as listed below during each 2-year Accreditation period. Courses may only be claimed for credit once.

Credits earned are applied to the company renewal period based on the completion date of the activity. Credits are not eligible to be transferred from one Accreditation period to another.

22 Hours of Course Credits in areas relevant to each contractor's training needs, including:

  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Management
  • Production
  • Risk Management
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Technical

Course work can be selected from the Contractor College Course Catalog or from approved Contractor College programs. Other elective credits can be applied from the following types of PDCA membership or leadership involvement:

  • Attendance at PDCA annual convention
  • Author of an article in APC Magazine or PDCA’s electronic newsletter
  • Contractor PEER group membership
  • Contribution on PDCA leadership committee (event planning, Council/Forum, Board Of Directors)
  • Contributor of pro bono painting and decorating services
  • Other professional association membership
  • PDCA Forum membership
  • Presenter for a seminar or workshop on a painting and decorating industry topic
  • Winner of a PDCA Picture it Painted Professionally (PIPP) award or PDCA Safety Award

2.       Upload your business documentation

Companies must upload new copies of key business operation documentation to their Accreditation Dashboard every 24 months following Accreditation. The required business documents are as follows:

  • Business license (as required by local laws)
  • Contractor license (as required by local laws)
  • EPA registration
  • Proof of insurance, including: Auto, Liability, Workers’ compensation

3.       Administrative Evaluation

When coursework is complete and business documents are submitted, the Accreditation Dashboard is set to a pending status. PDCA National staff will review records before updating the status to complete. You will then be invoiced a $99 administration fee and notified both by your Accreditation Dashboard and an email from Contractor College.


Questions? Contact PDCA Education at