New Member Track
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PDCA is excited to welcome all new members into our Member-To-Leader (MTL) Tracks! New Members at PDCA are equipped with top industry information, peer-to-peer support, and clear pathways to the tools they need.

The New Member Track is the first part of the MTL Tracks, and new PDCA members are immediately entered into this track when they join PDCA.

Foundations (digital logo)

The New Member Track starts out with Foundations. This is the official introduction to PDCA and grants new members access to the digital logo. Foundations features 3 quick-start activities:

1. “Get To Know PDCA” webinar This is the one-stop-shop for learning all about PDCA and MTL Tracks straight from PDCA National staff! PDCA National staff will cover the basic history and benefits of PDCA, and guide members through accessing the tools they need as quickly as possible! This is a LIVE webinar that occurs each month, generally on the second Thursday at 3:00 pm Central.

See the webinar calendar for the next LIVE webinar with PDCA staff. The video is also available to view at any time on Contractor College/  Course Catalogue/ Basic Training/ “Get To Know PDCA."

2. The Member-To-Leader (MTL) Profile helps new members understand and select their customized growth tracks through PDCA resources. The profile selects for segmentation and stage of business growth, and helps members identify goals, challenges, and opportunities for business growth.

The MTL Profile is located in Contractor College/  Course Catalogue/ Basic Training/ “MTL Profile.”

3. A Contractor College webinar or video

Foundations is completed by attending a Contractor College event such as a LIVE webinar or a video in the Contractor College video catalogue. The video,"Using the PDCA Logo To Get More Business" is highly recommended and can be viewed in Contractor College/ Course Catalogue/ Basic Training/ “Using the PDCA Logo…”

When these items are complete, notify or any PDCA staff member to receive your PDCA digital logo.

Basic Training 

The New Member Track also offers Basic Training webinars every month. These are archived in our Basic Training catalog in Contractor College and cover the most highly demanded topics in the painting industry and our association. Basic Trainings are found in Contractor College/ Course Catalogue/ Basic Training. These videos and monthly webinars bring in the brightest minds from PDCA to present on the following topics:

  1. Get To Know PDCA
  2. MTL Profile
  3. Using the PDCA Logo To Get More Business 
  4. Business Tune-Up Series: 23 Ideas in 30 Minutes To Grow Your Painting Business
  5. Estimating Like a Boss
  6. Get Your Profit Plan In Shape For 2016
  7. Paint Failures and How To Avoid Them
  8. Simple Content Marketing
  9. The Psychology Of Color
  10. The Essential Technology You Need To Boost Your Business

Networking Roundtables (coming soon!)

Online roundtables and discussion forums allow members to focus on their stage of business growth in the painting industry. Roundtables will feature discussions with contractor peers on Residential, Commercial, or Craftsmanship topics within select stages of business growth. These Roundtables are set up as webinars, but participants can speak and send questions in real-time if they desire.

Tri-Star Achievement

Completing the New Member Track—which includes attending or viewing MTL Basic Trainings and two New Member Roundtables (with one live event)—awards members the Tri-Star Achievement which unlocks extra benefits on the Engaged Member Track, including an on-ramp to 5-Star Accredited Membership and access to the Leadership Track.

Learn more about the Engaged Member Track.