Member to Leader


Member To Leader—the first of its kind among professional associations—is completely new to PDCA and was designed to develop members into Market Leaders. The Tracks will help you discover tools in PDCA that are tailored specifically to your needs, providing customized focus in Residential and Commercial segments, and stages of business growth! Each new step taken in a Track will open up new resources for building strong businesses and will direct you to the next personalized resources along the way, providing exactly the training and connections you need in PDCA.

Member To Leader’s clearly laid-out Tracks will:

  • Unlock the PDCA digital logo for member use
  • Introduce ALL-NEW tools in 2016 for training and peer-to-peer networking which weekly LIVE webinars and education events with both business and technical focuses, podcasts, member roundtables, Ask-A-Peer Networking and Discussion Forums, emerging leader development, and In-The-Field live-stream training!
  • Schedule achievements that open up new tools and badges to make stronger businesses and develop Market Leaders
  • Help members build MTL profiles which identify individual goals and challenges
  • Enable contractors to connect directly with industry leaders and receive intensive support from PDCA leaders
  • Empower those who want to develop as advanced leaders in the market, community, and PDCA

Member-To-Leader Tracks

Member To Leader (MTL) Tracks are designed to help members plan a direct route to the nearest tools they need most. There are three MTL Tracks: New Member Track, Engaged Member Track, and Leadership Track.

New Member Track

The New Member Track starts out with a few simple steps in Foundations. Foundations is the introduction to the New Member Track and to PDCA! Foundations features 3 steps:

1) the “Get To Know PDCA” webinar

2) the Member-To-Leader (MTL) Profile (Click here)

This will award to members the Gold Star Achievement which unlocks the PDCA digital logo for members.  The New Member Track also offers 10 Basic Training webinars and multiple Member Roundtables that feature discussions focusing on Residential, Commercial, or Craftsmanship topics, and with an emphasis on stage of business growth.

Completing the New Member Track awards members the Tri-Star Membership badge which unlocks more benefits on the Engaged Member Track: 5-Star Accredited Membership, and access to the Leadership Track.

Learn more about the New Member Track.

Engaged Member Track

The Engaged Member Track offers many resources that every PDCA member (whether New or Engaged) can access, but which assumes the basic foundation of the New Member Track. The typical engaged PDCA member has the benefit—along with new members—of access to a growing list of nearly 200 Contractor College videos, multiple live webinars every month (business and technical), member exclusive podcasts, member roundtables, and local/national/forum activities and events. The Tri-Star Achievement provides access to the 5-Star Accreditation process, and to the Leadership Track.

Learn more about the Engaged Member Track.


Leadership Track

The Leadership Track is open to Engaged Members who have completed the Tri-Star Achievement. Anyone interested in this track is openly welcomed to an Emerging Leader informational, and later will continue into Emerging Leader Orientation. Leaders who complete Emerging Leader Orientation will receive access to Leadership Academy education and interested individuals will be welcome to learn about two types of advanced PDCA leadership roles: Serving Leaders, and Vision Leaders.

  • Serving Leaders are leaders in PDCA who either help facilitate group hangouts and roundtables, assist in the Ask-A-Peer network, serve on a committee, or help in some other way to further the goals of PDCA.
  • Vision Leaders are those who are invited to serve on the PDCA National Board Of Directors. Vision Leaders who come off the Board Of Directors are recognized as Legacy Leaders, and often give back into PDCA Leadership.

Learn more about the Leadership Track.

Stay tuned to PDCA communications for the latest updates on Member To Leader! For more information call the PDCA office at 1-800-332-7322; or email Christine O'Connell (, or Chris Shank (