Leadership Track



PDCA is not merely an association of members; it’s an association of leaders. We believe our contractors have taken the step to join PDCA because they are already a step ahead of their competitors who have not sought the training and networking of a professional association. Member To Leader recognizes first that all members in PDCA are already beginning to develop as market leaders.

Some members are looking for advanced leadership training and opportunities within PDCA to hone their abilities still further in leadership roles and experiences which translate directly to their success as business owners. These individuals are the types who are eager to discover education and tailor-fit roles that will assist them in reaching the summit of leadership development with other high-achieving leaders.

The Leadership Track in Member To Leader is designed to take anyone interested in focused leadership development, and train them in advanced principles for market and community leadership, and practical, serving roles within PDCA. PDCA serving roles range from class presentation, to facilitating group hangouts, chapter/council/forum event planning, and even vision leadership at the Board level. While not everyone will be interested in PDCA serving roles, anyone can benefit from advanced leadership preparation and networking.

The Leadership Track has two parts: Emerging Leaders and Leadership Academy.

Emerging Leaders are PDCA members at the Tri-Star Achievement level who are interested in advanced leadership training.

Learn more about Emerging Leaders.

Leadership Academy offers advanced leadership development training for leadership in the market, the community, and in PDCA. Leadership Academy offers training for 3 different types of PDCA Leadership roles which offer actual experience in practical leadership: Serving Leaders, Vision Leaders, and Legacy Leaders.

Learn more about Leadership Academy.