Leadership Academy

PDCA’s Leadership Academy offers advanced leadership training and role placement for interested members who have completed the Tri-Star Achievement and who are interested in honing their skills as leaders in their market, the community, and in PDCA. The training and experience that members receive in Leadership Academy will develop business leadership skills and equip them to strive for higher levels of ethics and excellence. The honors and awards that accompany involvement in Leadership Academy is a way for our association to celebrate those members-turned-leaders that make it great!

Leadership Academy education occurs via phone conference or webinar each month and centers on advanced leadership principles and practices for market and community leadership. The format for these presentations is a panel discussion between advanced leaders in PDCA who are excited to share their gleanings from years in the painting industry and PDCA leadership.

Leadership Academy roles are:

  1. Serving Leaders

    We are defining the primary roles of our association leadership as "Serving Leaders". All of our Board, Staff and group facilitators are first and foremost Serving Leaders because we believe that the association exists to make our members great…not the other way around. Serving leaders are dedicating the best of their abilities to make our contractors successful and fully equipped to grow as market and community leaders. Serving Leaders are those leaders who have been trained as Emerging Leaders and who volunteer their services to PDCA as group facilitators, mentors, member-presenters, committee members at the local/national level, or who offer to assist our association in any capacity.

  2. Vision Leaders

    Vision Leaders are the National Board Of Directors of PDCA who are defined by their vision-casting responsibilities and dedication to see the Vision implemented for the good of the association. Vision Leaders are nominated from the pool of Serving Leaders, and are still guided by the same principles as Serving Leaders. Not all Serving Leaders become Vision Leaders, but all Vision Leaders will always have Serving Leader roots.

  3. Legacy Leaders

    Legacy Leaders are past Vision Leaders who have moved off the Board and are honored for their excellence in service and leadership. Legacy Leaders will be recognized every year at public forums and will be regularly invited to participate in panel discussions to share their experience.

Where do these leaders come from?  Emerging Leaders are invited into these advanced leadership roles in Leadership Academy based on their level of engagement as an Emerging Leader, demonstrated proficiency for specific roles, and expressed interest. Invitation to these roles come from the Member To Leader Team who have identified strong leadership traits in individuals. Training specific to each role will precede placement, and continued involvement in Leadership Academy education is prerequisite.

Leaders serving in Leadership Academy roles will receive recognition by PDCA National in the form of publication announcements, event awards, and invitations to participate in panel discussions. Academy Leaders are welcome to reproduce those recognitions and rewards in their business promotion and press releases. It is our priviledge to celebrate our highest achievers and those those who contribute to the success of our organization!

To learn more, contact Beth Thompson, bthompson@pdca.org, or 1-800-332-7322.