Engaged Member Track



The Engaged Member Track offers many resources that every PDCA member (whether New or Engaged) can access, but which assumes the basic foundation of the New Member Track. The typical engaged PDCA member has the benefit—along with new members—of Contractor College videos, 2 monthly webinars (business and technical), podcasts, hangouts, Million Dollar Roundtables, and local/national/forum activities and events. The benefits that Engaged Members enjoy that aren’t offered to New Members until the Tri-Star Member achievement are mentors, the 5-Star Accredited Membership process, and access to the Leadership Track.

Basic Tools: webinars/podcasts/periscope/Ask-A-Peer

Each month we will feature two webinars on business and technical topics, and paintED podcasts will follow each webinar. Business webinars and podcasts relate to business growth, marketing, sales, management, etc. The technical webinars and podcasts relate to industry information, techniques, and how-to learning in conjunction with the commercial, residential, and craftsmanship forums. See the webinar calendar and information here.

Periscope technical training and Ask-A-Peer networking are in development now and will be released as tools for contractors in April, 2016. Periscope is an app which will allow contractors across the nation to broadcast and receive video feed. PDCA Periscope training will feature advanced technical, on-the-job training by select contractors on their work sites who are sharing their know-how with other contractors who pose no competition to their business. These trainings will take place once a month.

Ask-A-Peer is a brain trust of PDCA which will allow contractors to network together for solutions to their challenges by utilizing the pool of knowledge that resides in the membership of PDCA. Imagine being able to call a peer with a business or technical question, and being able to brainstorm with a non-competitive colleague on a topic in which they specialize!

Look for these in April, 2016.


Hangouts are online groups of 8-15 contractors who schedule their own meeting times and topics around their common MTL tracks (segment/stage). Facilitators will be leaders trained in MTL’s Leadership Development track who are equipped with the understanding and resources they need to lead efficient and productive hangouts. These are available to all members but are especially designed for engaged members who have successfully completed the New Member Track and have achieved Tri-Star Membership. Members who sign up to be in a MTL Hangout will be contacted by a trained facilitator, and will be a part of the discussion to determine meeting times and topics for the Hangout sessions.

Interested in signing up for a Hangout? Email your name, MTL achievement, industry segment (residential/commercial), and stage of business growth to cshank@pdca.org.

5-Star Accreditation

There are three Achievements along the Member To Leader Tracks: Gold Star, Tri-Star, and 5-Star. The 5-Star Achievement includes PDCA’s Accreditation process which guides members through resources which help hone a members business and technical skills and knowledge base. They unlock new logos and promotional materials that can contractors can share with their customers. 5-Star Accreditation is the mostly highly rated Achievement in the Member To Leader process, and it is a badge of honor and accomplishment in our association.

5-Star Accreditation will be made available to PDCA members on April 1, 2015. Current Contractor College Accreditation procedures, requirements, and awards will continue to be made available to PDCA members through April 1. Contact Chris Shank for more information, cshank@pdca.org, 1-800-332-7322.

Access To the Leadership Track

Every Engaged Member who has completed the Tri-Star Achievement receives instant access to explore the possibility of advanced leadership development in the Member To Leader Leadership Track. The Leadership Track offers members advanced leadership education for growth in business and community leadership, and also offers training for specific leadership roles in PDCA which are designed to help members grow skills and experiences which will benefit PDCA, and which will translate into their own business success.

Learn more about the Leadership Track.