Emerging Leaders

Anyone who has completed the Tri-Star Achievement is eligible to enroll in the Member To Leader Leadership Track as an Emerging Leader. Emerging Leaders attend advanced leadership training each month in Leadership Academy’s education program and may be offered opportunities to serve in a role in Leadership Academy.

An Emerging Leaders informational meeting is open once a year to anyone interested in learning more about the Leadership Track. This informational is typically held at the PDCA EXPO, but one-on-one conversations are encouraged if you cannot attend the informational meeting. In the meeting you will learn the benefits of becoming an Emerging Leader, the schedule for orientation and Leadership Academy education, and you will hear from current leaders in Leadership Academy.

The Emerging Leaders Orientation will take place shortly after the EXPO to formally introduce and orientate new participants in the Emerging Leaders program. This meeting will outline expectations and the leadership education schedule for the year, with a chance for leaders to dialogue together concerning their goals and challenges.

Emerging Leaders will have access to Leadership Academy education via phone conference or webinar each month. This education will center on advanced leadership principles and practices for market and community leadership. The format for these presentations is a panel discussion between advanced leaders in PDCA who share their gleanings from years in the painting industry and PDCA leadership.

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Contact Beth Thompson for more information, bthompson@pdca.org.