PDCA Education

Education is at our core, and helping you build a better business is part of the mission of PDCA. We understand that today, just being a great painter won't cut it. From providing an extensive, nation-wide peer network to helping you develop into a leader in your market, PDCA gives you opportunities to grow.

Member to Leader

Member to Leader is designed to bring many of our education opportunities into one, cohesive program. Member to Leader is designed specifically to help you build yourself and your business into a leader in your market and your community.

Looking for more? Feel like you've built a process or niche that others could benefit from? Great! Help PDCA members new and old, from across the country by becoming a leader in PDCA. Whether you are interested in mentoring new members or have the vision to help direct how PDCA moves through the 21st century, Member to Leader will help you through that process.

  • Webinars

    Much of PDCA's educational content is delivered through online webinars. Webinars provide the opportunity to engage with industry leaders regarding a variety of issues. From business growth strategies and safety, to technical webinars and more, multiple webinars are provided each month. All webinars are recorded and made available. Remember, engagement isn't required to attend.

  • Podcasts

    Not sure you can make it to a webinar on a specific day? Not really the "sit in front of the computer type"? Take podcasts on the go. Each webinar is covered in quick, palatable episodes. Get the meat of the content, when you want, where you want.

  • Videos

    Through a number of partnerships, you can review videos on everything from "Painting Basics" to safety and business best practices. These videos are available through your membership portal and can be viewed on-demand.

Painting and Decorating EXPO

The Painting and Decorating EXPO is PDCA's annual convention and trade show. This multi-day event provides more than 40 live education sessions, a one-day trade show with many of the industry's largest manufacturers, and plenty of networking opportunities.

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Regional Events

A number of education opportunities are available each year through PDCA Forums, Councils and Chapters. PDCA Forums provide the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge about a particular market segment. Councils and Chapters are operated through volunteer efforts at the regional and local level, and opportunities vary depending on your level of activity.

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