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Zorr Corp.
Steve Enguita
(239) 243-9452

Zorr Corp has award winning products designed to make the job faster and easier. We all know that in the painting industry, time is money, if you can find ways to work more efficiently, then you are ahead of your competition.

An average painter picks up a bucket or tray every minute and a half. In a day, a painter can pick up a bucket or tray over 200 times! Painting contractor, Steve Enguita, was tired of bending over and picking up a paint bucket or flimsy paint tray every few feet. That’s when Steve created the Roll A Bucket, Roll A Tray, and Roll A Tray Max. These paint buckets and paint trays on wheels have steering capabilities, and roll around furniture and over tarps.
The Roll A Bucket has a 6 gallon capacity and comes with a custom paint grid. It has castor wheels, and one that comes with a brake. It rolls over tarps easily, and eliminates the need to bend over and pick up a five gallon bucket.
The Roll A Tray holds up to a half gallon of paint, and comes with a custom liner to make clean up easy. This is great for the do-it-yourselfer, or smaller paint projects. This accommodates a 9” paint roller.
The Roll A Tray Max has 1.5 gallon capacity, and has custom liners available. It comes with caster wheels, two of which, have brakes. It accommodates any size roller, up to an 18”.

You have to ask yourself, “Why lift it when you can ROLL it?”

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