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National Champions Industry Awards

Apply to the industry’s most prestigious awards programs and get the recognition you deserve.  This is your chance to be rewarded and recognized by both potential clients and other industry businesses as an industry front runner.

Official Online Entry Form Below or  Click here to download paper copy.
Submission Deadline:  December 1, 2016.
Presentation of Awards: February 25, 2017, 2017 PDCA EXPO, San Diego, CA.

Award Categories and Classifications


Includes single family housing, individually owned condos, and town homes. The common areas, interior hallways, and the exteriors of multi-family townhomes and condos are considered commercial.

* Residential Interior
* Residential Exterior
* Residential Restoration Interior
* Residential Restoration Exterior


Defined as buildings where companies and institutions are housed and daily business will be conducted. If 50% of the total revenue of the project includes applying industrial coatings you must enter the project in the Industrial category. Examples of commercial projects include, but are not limited to office buildings, schools and multi-family housing common areas and retail.

* Commercial Interior
* Commercial Exterior
* Commercial Restoration Interior
* Commercial Restoration Exterior


Requires that at least 50% of the total revenue of the project must include applying industrial coatings (excluding architectural paint). This excludes single-family housing and commercial projects. Examples of industrial projects include, but are not limited to water towers, bridges, factories, and machinery.
* Industrial Interior
* Industrial Exterior




Requires at least 50% of the total revenue of a project must be from Decorative Finishes including substrate preparation. Examples of decorative projects include, but are not limited to glazing, marbling, faux bois, and trompe-l’oeil.

* Residential Decorative
* Commercial Decorative




Requires at least 50% of the total revenue of a project must be from wallcovering installation and wall preparation. Examples of eligible wall coverings include, but are not limited to wallpaper, grass cloth, vinyl, and murals.
* Residential Wallcovering
* Commercial Wallcovering



Community Improvement Award

Project must be on a pro bono basis for an individual or organization completed in the 2016 year. No revenue can be received to qualify as a Charity Paint Project.




Award Entry Rules 
Entries must adhere
to the following guidelines in order to maintain eligibility.


1. The PDCA National Champions Industry Awards are open to all PDCA member companies in good standing.


2. Entries are limited to jobs completed January 2016 to December 2016.


3. Applicants may only submit one job per award category.


4. Each category will have one winner.


5. Each entry must include:

o     A thorough project description using the questions below.
o     A maximum of 10 digital color photos ( .jpg, minimum 300 dpi. Quality.)  The digital photographs must be numbered to correspond with the descriptive questions. If photos reveal OSHA violations, points will be deducted.

6. Complete the online form below.  Confirmation upon receipt of entry.  Deadline: 12 AM CST, December 1,  2016

7. All entries, photographs and other materials used in this contest become the property of the PDCA for use in promoting the painting industry. No entry materials will be returned.

8. PDCA reserves the right to reject any entry it deems in non-compliance with these rules.PDCA is the final authority on all decisions with regard to this contest. 

View past National PDCA PIPP Industry Award Winners, visit our history page.

Please Copy and Save your entry to a Word Document prior to hitting the online submit button  - We've had a call of computers kicking off line. If this happens the word doc can be sent to PDCA for entry, photo's can be sent through Dropbox. Questions: Call Beth @. 314-514-7322  (added 11/30/16)

 Enter Online Here:

Questions Call 314-514-7322