2017 Breakout Sessions

The new 2017 PDCA EXPO platform will align you with other painting business owners whose insights and understanding are beneficial in achieving leadership excellence both personally and professionally. You’ll connect with owners who think like you, who can relate to your challenges and who can help you move forward based on real-world experience. A sample of what you can expect:

Contractor College Sessions (4 class choices per session)

We’ve gathered amazing presenters and industry experts from around the country! Sessions will feature finance and retirement planning, hiring, business transition and growth, estimating, paint chemistry, PDCA Standards in contracts, and more. In addition to the classes, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with the presenters.      

Throw-Down Debate

The popular Throw-Down Debate will be back this year with a new topic and new participants!! Remember the classic throw-down between generalists and specialists, and the fun banter, business stories, and useful advice that came out of the debate between high-caliber business owners and strategic thinkers? 2017 will feature some new faces with new ideas to put in the metaphorical ring to struggle for victory through formal argument and cheap jabs. May the best idea win!

Roundtables (Commercial/Residential)

We’re sending attendees into town for Roundtable discussions uniquely focused on size of business growth: Small Business, Tipping Point, and Million Dollar Roundtables. Contractors and industry experts will get together at local establishments for guided discussions on issues targeted specifically to business size, real-world conversations, and practical problem-solving.

Ask-A-Peer Brain-Meld

Over 20 tables of discussion topics for contractors to share their ideas on pertinent issues in an efficient and fun way. Topics will range from hiring, marketing, and contracts to paint failures, finances, and safety.

Master’s Class and Industry Forums

A two-hour Master’s Class for technical training or a residential/commercial site tour in the San Diego area will immerse attendees in top-notch professional education designed to offer them hands-on experience and hard data in the fields that most concern painting contractors. We’re all about bringing in-the-cloud theories down to the dirt floor for a real-life understanding of our trade.


This isn’t a rah-rah event about business theory. It’s about practical application and getting measurable results. You've worked hard to build what you've started. No one knows your business like you do. But over time, the daily grind gets overwhelming, and you find yourself wondering what you've done all day. It doesn't have to be that way, and we can help you get your focus back on the things you do best.