2017 Craftsmanship Forum Conference
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2017 PDCA Craftsmanship Forum Conference

Attend the Craftsmanship Forum Conference.  Be inspired in the presence of other craftsmen like you!

  • Are you struggling to hire enough qualified help? – Learn to recognize the traits of a craftsman and hire, manage, and retain them.
  • Are you frustrated in your attempts to market yourself as a Craftsmanship-Oriented company? – Learn about profitable niches that leverage unique technical knowledge and skill.
  • Are you seeking to be on the cutting edge of technical efficiency? – Learn about products and techniques to further enhance your bag of tricks and bank account.

This year the Craftsmanship Forum Conference will take place Wednesday, February 22, 2017 prior to the 2017 Painting and Decorating Expo. To Register, click ????

Schedule for 2017 Craftsmanship Forum Conference



Learn from the successes and failures of veteran craftsmen.