Webinar Schedule

Contractor College webinars offer fresh and relevant contractor training several times a month and cover business and technical topics. Webinars are simple and easy to attend with options to interact or listen only.

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Attending a Webinar is Easy

Registering for a webinar requires only:
  • a pc or laptop computer
  • a few bits of information and your PDCA member ID

Try one out! Webinar registration links are posted in our Members-Only section and in the weekly PDCA newsletters. Once you register, a link will be sent to your email, and you click that link to get into the live webinar. You don’t have to talk to anyone--speakers speak, and you listen! Feel free to type your questions into a dialogue box for presenters to answer your specific concerns at the end of each webinar. 

Contractor College business/technical webinars are a PDCA membership benefit, hosted live on the first and third Wednesdays of each month at 4:00 PM Central. Million Dollar Roundtables are open to all members, especially owners of million-dollar businesses, and take place on the second Tuesday of every month at 12:00 pm Central. Get To Know PDCA webinars are welcome/orientation webinars for new members, and occur on the 2nd Wednesday of Every month. 

View the webinar schedule below, and check out the monthly E-Colors newsletter to register for a webinar!

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2017 Contractor College Webinar Schedule

June - Safety Month

  • June 6, 2 pm CT -  STEP BY STEP Guide to building safety programs that earn money: OSHA Training Video One
  • June 14, 1 pm CT - Get To Know PDCA (member website/resource tutorial)
  • June 14, 4 pm CT -  Is Prevailing Wage Right For You? with Jim Kaloutas
  • June 20, 1 pm CT -  Federated Insurance 
  • June 27, 2 pm CT -  Step 3: New Hire Orientation (Emergency contact, Procedure Overview, Company Standards)
  • June 29, 4 pm CT -  Randy Fornoff, “Balancing Personal Values and Business.”

July - Project Management

  • July 12, 1 pm CT - Get to Know PDCA
  • July 12, 3 pm CT - Daily updates from your crews in the field using software with Brad Bolinger
  • July 19, 4 pm CT-  Developing Teams You’d Go Into Battle With, Rick Holtz

August - Community

  • August 9, 1 pm CT - Get to Know PDCA
  • August 16, 3 pm CT - What Business Model is Your Business

September - Production/Productivity

  • September 13, 1 pm CT - Get to Know PDCA
  •  September 13, 1 pm CT - To Do Apps and How to Use Them Effectively 
  • September 13, 3 pm CT - New Business Roundtable
  • September 25, 3 pm CT - Small Business Roundtable
  • September 27, 3 pm CT - Tipping Point Roundtable
  • September 28, 3 pm CT - Million Dollar/+ Roundtable

October - Financial Planning

  • October 4, 4 pm CT - Ten Ways Contractors Build Customer Rapport with Housecall Pro
  • October 11, 1 pm CT - Get to Know PDCA
  • October 11, 4 pm CT - Home Advisor, "Super Hero in Today's Digital World." 
  • October 17, 1 pm CT - Where There's Smoke, There's Fire - Fire Prevention


  • November 8, 1 pm CT - Get To Know PDCA - New Member Welcome/Orientation
  • November 9, 3 pm CT -Award Winning Safety Programs: What Others Have done and What You Can Do


  • December 6, 4 pm CT - 5 Ways to Use Mechanics Lien Law To Speed Up Collections And Grow Your Business