Member to Leader

Welcome to PDCA! You have made an empowering choice for not only yourself, but for your business and employees. When a new member comes to PDCA, we don’t treat them like another number. We believe that the members in our association are better understood as market leaders who are interested in advancing their industry knowledge and business success. We also want to recognize that many PDCA members become leaders within our association, collaborating with their peers to problem-solve and raise the bar of professionalism in the painting industry. 

Our Member To Leader (MTL) track provides a clear path for new member engagement that involves two steps:

1.   Get To Know PDCA

Get To Know PDCA is a monthly webinar that the Education team hosts as a way for new members or current members to receive information on PDCA and what we offer. 

Click here to see a full listing of our webinars and to sign up for "Get to Know PDCA". 

2.    MTL Survey

This is a short survey that will help us identify your personal and business goals. After completing your MTL profile, you will hear from a member of our Education Team to guide you on the path that best suits your goals. 

Click here to begin your MTL survey. 

When these steps are completed, the PDCA digital logo will be issued and we will follow-up with each member regarding the MTL Survey results. Our goal is to start a conversation with you about what resources and people you need to know to get the most out of your membership.

Reap the Rewards of your PDCA Membership:

1. Sign up for a Roundtable

2. Build your Contractor College Transcript. 

3. Listen to our PaintEd podcast

4. Register for a LIVE webinar.

5. Engage in a PDCA Forum.

6. Tune into Ask A Painter LIVE every Friday at 12 P.M. Central.

7. Connect with us on social media to have your work featured! 


Questions about your membership resources? Contact Christine O’Connell,